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We will be relauching soon on consoles, We are currently sorting stuff behind the scene 

Welcome to UnFounded

UnF Pilot a posted Jul 30, 13

Welcome to the new and official website of UnFounded a competitive and casual battlefield community.


Unfounded was started by UnF-SouthernVikin (Mat) in August 2012 as a casual platoon and soon developed into competitive team like no other out there……


His plan was to start a team to help people that wanted to start competitive gaming that would have never thought they could. He pull a good group of friends together to get the team going, all proven team players from the sadly failed Echo Six Gaming, and with his experience of competitive gaming his plan was taking shape. It wasn’t long before we recruited more invaluable members to further strengthen the team. We now have over sixty members and at least one to two squads online every night of the week. We accept anyone that is on battlelog and xbox, but insist you sign up to our website if you wish to take part in any of our scrims. If you are looking for a team that plays scrims and wins 90% of the time I would suggest looking elsewhere, we are here to develop ours and your skills on the battlefield and provide a platform to start playing competitively.


After the success of UnF, playing Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360, we had no choice but to continue into Battlefield 4. Not content with the major impact we made playing Xbox 360, Southern Viking, our founder and C.O., has decided to progress into the Xbox One, and at the same time expand into PC gaming. We are not a domineering platoon hell bent on world domination; we are a platoon of casual gamers here to enjoy gaming and raging at campers and CoD players alike. Once each platform grows we will dedicate more time and resources towards it, moving up to friendly scrims and internal events, and once EA allow us to rent BF4 servers we can introduce you all to UFAG. We have no joining requirements but do ask if you decide to join us that you remain active both here and on Battlelog as we will kick inactive members to ensure room for new blood. This said, please feel free to re-join if you return to playing Battlefield.

Please take 5 minutes to look over our site rules and introduce yourself.